How do I get my man to step up?

Want to know how to get your man to step up?

Here’s the simple answer:

You can’t make any man (or anybody else for that matter) step up, if they don’t want to. It’s as simple as that.

Every day I’m seeing posts and comments from women asking how they get their man to step up, or how to get a man to text more often, or how to get a man to treat them better…

Sorry ladies, but if the man isn’t wanting to do any of these things, then he usually won’t do it. And if you kind of try to force him into it, he’ll do it begrudgingly, but he’ll soon go back to his own ways.

Now this isn’t all doom and gloom, because you’re not powerless here. There are things you should consider to “inspire” a man, or most importantly, to get your power back, because right now you are feeling a certain way because of something somebody else isn’t doing! You’re giving all of your power away to him!

Right…. so here’s what you should do….


Yes, you read that right. Do not call him, nag him, text him, email him, suggest “the talk”, obsess over him, or even think about him. Shift your focus back to YOU! Breathe deeply if you have do, meditate, do yoga – anything to stop you doing anything that has anything to do with him.

This is what leaning back is all about.

2. Build up your social life

When was the last time you had a really good night out with the girls? How often have you been to the gym lately? What’s something you really love to do outside of your relationship/dating life?

Do all of those things!

3. If he asks to see you, don’t drop other plans to fit him in

If you have plans elsewhere and he finally calls/texts to ask you out, please don’t drop those plans.

Your time is valuable and if he doesn’t book you in advance, he misses out!

This also increases your value in his eyes, because when you reply with “Oh, I was really looking forward to seeing you again, but unfortunately I have other plans!”, he will realise he can’t just disappear and reapper and expect you to fall at his feet (let’s face it – that’s what you were doing before, right?).

4. Detach from the outcome

This is a classic Law of Attraction requirement. The more desperate you are for an outcome, the harder it is to attain. Relationships are much the same.

Let’s face it – if he were to drop off the planet tomorrow, you wouldn’t die, the sky wouldn’t fall in, and this seriously wouldn’t be the biggest disaster to ever befall a beautiful woman like yourself. So I hate to say it, but you’ve just gotta let this shit go!

Let it go. If he’s not for you, he will go on his merry way. If he IS for you, he’ll stick around and prove his love for you. Either way you win – you end up with one of these:

  1. The dude is the love of your life and he’s not going anywhere!
  2. The dude is NOT the love of your life, so he’s moved on to allow you to find a whole lot better!

See? You win, either way! So stop obsessing about some dude who won’t step up, shift your focus back to you, and know that no matter what happens, you are going to WIN! <3

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