Find a Mentor to Achieve Success

Are you feeling “stuck” right now, wondering what on earth you want to do with your life, but worried you will be stuck what you’re doing forever because you don’t have any other “skills”?

If you had told me a few years ago that I would some day be offering freelance writing services to small businesses, I would have said you were crazy!  I’m no literary genius and I had never received any “formal” training on becoming a writer.  So this was definitely not something I could see myself doing!

But it’s funny how life turns out…

I regularly wrote articles for my blog and I enjoyed doing this, especially when the topic was something I was really interested in or passionate about.

So along came somebody who soon became my friend and mentor, and who very quickly helped me to realise how much potential I really had when it came to writing for other people!  Very soon I had my own freelance writing business and  I was writing articles for my clients who were located all over the world!

Never in a thousand years would I have thought I could do this – and the money was pretty good too!  :)

It was a great experience and even though I’m no longer writing full time, I do still have a few clients I write for on a regular basis, purely because I love the topics they want me to write about.

So the next time you find yourself saying you can’t do this, or you can’t do that because you’ve not been formally trained, just remember that you might actually be more capable than you think you are!

Finding a mentor or coach is great, because they can see in you what you can’t see in yourself. They’re great for pushing you beyond where you would have ventured alone too.

If you’re feeling really stuck, a mentor or coach will help you to identify your strengths and ways in which you can utilise them and they’ll be there to keep you accountable too.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated, but if you have somebody there who’s going to ask you if you completed a task you set for yourself, you’re more likely to do it!

I have many mentors.  Some I know personally and we keep in regular contact so they can “check up” on me and I may have paid them to mentor me or I’ve offered to provide a service to them (such as writing articles for their website) in return for some course material that they sell.  Other mentors have written books, recorded audios and videos or created programs which I have purchased.

So having a coach or mentor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know them personally and pay them thousands of dollars to mentor you.  But it does mean you need to get out there and work out what you need help with, and source coaches and mentors in that field.  Once you’ve found a couple, visit their website and begin learning!

If you learn just one thing from one of them, then you’re another step closer to achieving success!  :)

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