Could you do this for an entire week? A challenge for you!

I am still reading Susan Jeffer’s book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and the latest challenge she suggests is this:

Stop criticizing anyone or complaining for an entire week!

Could you really do that?

Many people couldn’t and she notes that it is not as easy as you think!

Misery loves company, so how do your complaining friends or colleagues react to your change of heart?

I personally believe that stopping all that negative focus can only do good things. Your perspective on life, other people and circumstances will definitely change.

The more positive you feel, the more confident you feel.

Try it and post a comment to tell me how you found this challenge!


  1. nandita.acharya says:

    It works.. the more you think positive thoughts the more confident and sure of yourself you feel.. great advice!

  2. Eunia Amamo says:

    I totally share Suzan Jeffer’s and Dale Carnegie’s sentiments on criticism.It may seem easier said than done.However,one thing for sure is that by not criticizing we are more likely to win more friends,think positively and be more confident.

  3. Eunia Amamo says:

    Thanks Michelle i will try.

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