Confidence in the workplace

I read an article recently about confidence in the workplace. The article talked about how people with confidence tend to do better at work (in regard to promotions etc) than those without confidence.

The reason for this was because a person with confidence is more likely to get out there and try something new. They’re also more likely to speak up if they want a promotion or an opportunity to try something new.

A person who lacks confidence is more inclined to sit on the sidelines, hoping an opportunity will come their way. The problem is, that rarely happens, and the person in turn becomes disappointed and bitter.

It is common for a person to lack confidence to feel like they’ve been hard done by. They feel that not getting a promotion or opportunity at work is a direct reflection of them, which they take offence to.

In reality, it’s just because the person who got the job was better, and not because the people conducting the interview thought the person who lacked confidence was a bad performer. People who lack confidence find it difficult to grasp this concept and usually find themselves as the “victim” in many situations.

I was once that “victim” and I look back and I really didn’t like who I was and am so glad I am who I am now. I feel like I have the world at my feet, and that I can do absolutely anything!

Which category are you in right now? Are you a person who lacks confidence or are you the person who is going to take on the world and do great things with your life??

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