Confidence and Public Speaking

Do you break out in a sweat at just the thought of getting up on stage and delivering a speech? Whilst on stage, do you shake uncontrollably, and do you wonder if your audience can hear your voice shaking too?

If you do, then you’re just like me!

The good news is that there is a way to boost your confidence when it comes to public speaking and it’s pretty simple.

You must practise!

I remember when I started my first “real” job in a bank. I was a bank teller and a customer had come in asking for something unusual. I referred this to my boss who told me I needed to call a particular person at head office.

What??? I had to call someone??? I was sooo nervous making that call! Looking back I wonder what on earth I had to be nervous about. I suppose experienced public speakers feel the same way!

I’ll bet they were nervous when they started out too. But after doing the same thing many times over, I suppose it becomes like second nature. I have friends who get a buzz over it!

Here are some pointers to help you out:

1. Practise your speech in front of a friend or family member and get their feedback.

2. Know that you think you’re doing worse than you are (we are all too hard on ourselves!).

3. Smile! This is a great way to engage the audience.

4. Get to the point – don’t drag your speech out.

5. Engage your audience – make sure the content is relevant and interesting!

All the best for an interesting and engaging speech!

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