Children with low self esteem value possessions much more than kids with higher self esteem

I read an interesting article today that talked about how children with low self esteem valued possessions more then children with higher self esteem and I agree this can be the case. Not only that but it can continue into adulthood.

My former husband had HUGE self esteem issues and he wouldn’t think twice before going out and spending $5000 in one trip to the local shopping centre. I was of course left to answer the phone when creditors called because he had gotten us into so much debt we couldn’t pay our bills, but that’s a whole other story…!

The article went on to mention that the best Christmas gift a parent can give a child is the gift of time. Spend more time with your children, doing things they love to do. Teach them something new, enhancing their competence and thus their self esteem.

Depriving your child of attention can also lead to excessive materialism, I suppose because their needs aren’t being met in other ways.

My husband and I have always made it a point to buy something for our eldest child that can be enjoyed by the whole family, such as a board game or some kind of outdoor activity and this year is no exception. Also, now that I am self employed I am now in a position where I can be home more for my children, so of course this can only be a good thing, as long as our time together is quality time!

Have a great day!

Michelle Green

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