Can’t get a decent date? You’re probably the reason why!

Ok, that sounds harsh, but think about it. How much fun are you to be around?

If you have low confidence or self esteem, then chances are the people you meet will pick up on it.

I once suffered from low confidence and self esteem, and I am amazed at how this affected the types of guys I attracted into my life. There were some shockers!

Since improving my self esteem, the quality of my dates improved significantly. A while back, I asked a male friend of mine about this and he told me that guys with low self confidence or esteem were too afraid to talk to me because I seemed so confident and they felt intimidated.

So my moral of the story here is this: You attract what you are!

I don’t mean that literally, but more like you attract people who are what you seem to them. Gawd, that sounded confusing…!


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