Beware the Dream Stealers

I subscribe to many mailing lists so I can receive information and ideas on wealth creation, attracting what you want in life, or just personal development in general, and this morning I received the article below from a property guru about "Dream stealers" and felt it was appropriate to post here.

I am surrounded by these so-called "dream stealers".  I work with them, they are in my family and some I don’t even know!

Regardless of what you want in your life, you must learn how to deal with these people who usually want what is best for you, even if it doesn’t seem like they do!   

If you want advice or guidance, look to inspiring, motivational and successful people you want to be like – they are the people who will help you grow – not to those who think you’re crazy for trying to do something different!


Beware the Dream Stealers

Most people truly do have your best interests at heart.  They really do want the very best for you.  However, not everyone is able to communicate this in a positive manner.  They may also be communicating to you from a place of fear or apprehension.  

I’m sure you know the people that I’m talking about:

  • Have you ever had a friend or loved one question what you are doing?
  • Have they ever suggested that now is not the best time to be investing in property?
  • Have they shared a hard luck story about an unfortunate friend or “Uncle Harry” who lost everything when they purchased an investment property?

These people will always know “someone” that tried property investing and got burned really badly, was ripped off by some shonkster or just didn’t make it work.

Trust me – I’ve had these types of people around me too.  They mean well.  From where they sit, they don’t want to see you get hurt and are trying to shield you.  

But for others they may also be projecting their own fears and doubts around themselves and their own lack of action on to you.  They may be feeling inadequate as they have not taken any steps themselves to improve their life and don’t want you to either.  If you do, then perhaps they might lose you and where would they be then?

You need to learn who to listen to.  What you will find, as it certainly has happened to me, is that once you start to do things “differently” to the rest of the pack, people will start to offer you all kinds of advice.  They will know better than you and want to share what they know.

Unless that person is someone you greatly admire, find inspiring and is successful at what you are looking to be successful at too, think twice about taking their advice.  When you start listening to “hot tips” from taxi drivers, it is time to stop and reassess.  Of course, be polite and thank them for taking the time to share what they know, but make sure you weigh what they have shared with you up against all the other knowledge you’ve gathered.  

Beware the dream stealers.  People like stability, not change and you will cause people to be uncomfortable with their lives, as you are taking the action that they are too afraid to.  That’s okay.  Recognise when you meet these people, modify your conversations accordingly and treat their advice with the weight it deserves.

By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2009 Affluencia Pty Ltd


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