Back to work and dealing with child care

I am still trying to remember what the third "C" was in my last post.  I WILL work out what it is and post the details!

Today was my baby’s 1st birthday and I couldn’t be with her for the day thanks to the fact that I am working for someone else again, but I don’t feel all that bad because my wonderful husband took a day off to spend with her instead. 

Tomorrow is her first day of child care.  ARGH!!!  I know for a fact that while she dislikes being away from me, it is a case of "out of sight, out of mind", so I think she will have a fantastic day!

I am lucky in that my hours are flexible, so I will be finishing work early tomorrow, so her first day isn’t a full one.  Ok, that’s more for me than for her because I know she will be perfectly fine!

I suppose the hardest thing I find after spending the last year almost joined at the hip to my baby, is not having her under my feet, or having to listen out for her in case she wakes up.  It is really a strange feeling to be able to go somewhere and not have to worry if I have packed the baby wipes or enough bottles or food.

This post is really just a ramble because I am really tired after my first three days of work and I can’t think of anything intelligent to say!  Hopefully things will get better as I get used to 5am wakeups!


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