A time for heroism and giving

At the moment the death toll for the Victorian bushfires has risen to 173 with numbers exceeding 200 expected. Many more have lost their homes and all of their belongings.

While there may be sentimental attachment to our homes and belongings, my heart really goes out to the loved ones of the 173 confirmed dead.  Stuff can be replaced, but our loved ones can’t.  They must feel as though they are in a living hell right now.

As the tragedy unfolds however, stories are coming out about people opening both their wallets (millions of dollars has been raised through the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal) and even their homes, offering spare beds for those who are left homeless. 

I also saw a story on TV last night as a young man, after sending his partner and their children away to safety, and then realising he had lost his home, spent six long hours searching his neighbourhood for survivors.  After finding an abandoned car he drove them all to safety.  This man had also been injured due to the fires.  Wow!  I know the families of those he rescued will be eternally grateful for his bravery and I really hope he receives an award for doing what he did so seemingly without a second thought. 

In light of the terrible things happening in Victoria right now, it is comforting to know there are so many people out there who care.

This post probably has little to do with Self Confidence, although the bravery displayed by this man (and probably many others I’ve not heard about) serves to remind us of the good people we have in our community.

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