A change is as good as a holiday…


For a while now, the butterfly like the one above has held a strong significance to me, and I have finally mastered the Photoshop skills required to finally create a logo with this butterfly as part of it, hence this blog post!

What has this got to do with change? Well, firstly I have updated my ebook, which includes a specific story about the butterfly. The workbook is still pretty much the same as before, except for a few minor changes (including the butterfly story!).

Secondly, if you’ve visited my website lately (I know some of you receive automatic email updates so may not have visited), you will notice the website has changed quite a bit! You will also notice a few butterflies around the place!

Many people who lack confidence and especially self esteem, may not cope too well with change. Many remain in their “rut” or comfort zone for many years or even most or all of their lives because they are so afraid of change.

But to overcome low confidence and self esteem, you must start to work on major change – this is key to your success.

Starting from today, think of one small thing you can do to make a positive change in your life. It doesn’t matter how small, as long as you make that change! Each and every day this week, think of another little thing you can change, and follow through – actually go and make that change and reflect on the results you get from doing so!

Please make a comment and tell me what changes you have made in your life this week and of course, let me know the result!

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