2011 is Almost Here!

2011 is almost upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’re looking back at the year that’s gone and contemplating the year ahead.

I’ve had a very tough and challenging year where I made some drastic life changes, but I don’t regret making these changes and I’m excited about the year ahead.  I believe that 2011 is going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to welcome the new year in!

If you’ve not done so already, now would be the perfect time to start thinking about how you want 2011 to look.  What goals do you want to achieve?  If you’ve not done so already, grab your free goals and priorities diary – see http://selfconfidence101.com/tools/the-goals-and-priorities-diary-free/ for more info.

I’m excited to say that next year I plan to visit some other parts of the world – including Egypt!  I’ve wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt since FOREVER and am now making plans to get there later in the year.  How exciting!!

Another goal of mine is to significantly improve my ability to save.  I started a savings plan earlier this year, and so far it’s working well!  I save 10% of every cent I earn, and it actually feels REALLY good!  Yay me!

And finally, my biggest goal of all is to make Self Confidence 101 the best it can be!  My goal for 2011 is to help women in particular who are suffering with low self esteem in the best way I can.  I want to provide the best tools and information to help women all over the world to change their lives dramatically for the better.  I want there to be a LOT more happy people out there in 2011 and I want to help make that happen!

Now, one last thing I want to suggest to you is that all achievements should be rewarded in some way.  I rewarded myself this year with the most amazing trip to Los Angels with a close friend of mine.  We had a blast!  We stayed with her brother in the Hollywood Hills, we attended a movie premier, and I finally got to see for myself just how big food portion sizes are over there!  OMG!   Sooo soooo soooo much fun!

Have you rewarded yourself for your achievements in 2010?  It doesn’t have to cost anything – even allowing yourself a day to relax and do absolutely nothing is reward enough!  How will you reward yourself in 2011?  Give yourself a good incentive to succeed!

I’ll sign off now and would like to thank you for your support over the last year or more and I look forward to helping you to make 2011 the most amazing year it can be!

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