What’s your dating Plan B?

The old me (over a decade ago), after meeting someone new that I quite liked, would think about him almost constantly. I’m sure I was bordering on obsessed, because the guy would consume all of my thoughts all day every day. It was actually quite disturbing!

Anyway, what would usually happen, is that I would begin to feel a bit needy over time, and if he wasn’t in contact as often as I’d like, I would start to stress and worry and start making up stories in my mind about him. Maybe he’s lost interest in me? Or maybe there was something I said that turned him off??? Maybe he’s met someone else!!!???

Honestly, the amount of energy I was giving to these guys was just plain ridiculous!

These days, things are very different. Not only am I dating more than one lucky fella, but I’m not spending time obsessing over them. In fact, my life is so darn busy right now, I’m struggling to scratch my butt, let alone think about them!

So… today I heard from a fella I shall refer to as “The Aussie God”. He has earned this title because I swear I have never dated a man as hot as this one! He is incredibly well built – and he can cook too! Sigh….! 😉

He had tentatively booked me in for Thursday night, but told me that he may have to go away for work (so may have to cancel), and would let me know. So today’s message was to let me know that he had to fly out Wednesday and wouldn’t be back until the weekend. So our date was cancelled, obviously.

Meanwhile, “Mr IT” (career-related nickname – nice guy, very smart, and speaks a foreign language… mmmm!), had asked me a few days ago if I was free Thursday night. I told him I was busy, but if things changed I’d let him know.

So I replied to The Aussie God, wishing him a safe trip and said I hoped to see him again some time. I really wasn’t bothered because I knew that Mr IT would gladly step up in his place!

The Aussie God then replied, asking if it was too early to book me in for Wednesday of next week – 8 days in advance! I have no plans that night, so I accepted.

While I was a little disappointed that I would not have the opportunity to gaze adoringly at The Aussie God’s arms until next week, I felt ok. And that’s because my Plan B was already worked out – Mr IT was very happy to hear my plans had fallen through!

And even if Mr IT hadn’t been available, I have another date set up with “Mr Blue Eyes” for Saturday to look forward to!

Having alternative plans set up has really taken the pressure off for me. It no longer really matters if a date is postponed! I no longer feel needy, I’m not obsessing over anyone, and if our plans fall through, it’s not like I’m going to be left sitting at home alone crying into my pillow about the sad state of my love life anytime soon!

Instead I’m enjoying my life and not letting little things like a change of plans ruin my day, because I’ve already got something else worked out. It’s definitely a much better way to live! :)

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