What to do if you’re single and online dating isn’t for you

IMG 2264I’ve been single for almost a month now (it feels like longer), and I’m now quite ok with the idea, except that I wasn’t all that thrilled about spending my child free Saturday night at home alone.

I got to thinking that I need to get out more, and at first I thought about dating, but then I realised that if I’m not going out, then my only option is online dating.

I just shuddered at the thought…

I do believe that for many (or even most?) people, online dating is definitely the way to go. Many of my friends have met their gorgeous partners online, and they are very happy. But the thought just makes me cringe!

For starters, I don’t want my coworkers to come accross a profile I’ve set up, and from what I’ve seen, many of the men just don’t cut it in my eyes. Ok it may be just a pic that I’m basing my judgement on, but seriously, it’s much easier to meet someone face to face and make a decision about whether you’d be prepared to date them or not.

Ok, so now what? I don’t want to do online dating, ALL of my friends are in relationships, so it’s not like I have anyone to go out and socialise with, and I’m definitely not going “there” with anyone I work with.

And that’s when a friend of mine reminded me of something: http://meetup.com.

This is a site where you can join groups of like-minded people who are interested in the types of activities you are interested in! It’s not a dating site, although there are “singles” groups, but it WILL get you out of the house and more likely to cross the path of the man of your dreams! In fact, a friend of mine met her man through a Meetup event, and now they’re happily married!

So check out Meetup and see what’s available – you just never know! 😉

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