What really matters when it comes to relationships

After being in a marriage where a regular screaming match was just a (sad) part of life, I am finding things a lot quieter these days, since meeting my current husband.

Why do people argue? What do they hope to achieve? Do they just want to be right? Personally, I’d rather be happy!

Sometimes I think it’s best just to let things go when my husband does or says something I am not happy with. Unless it’s something that really offends, then I think about whether arguing about it is going to make me feel better or worse. I also think about what I might hope to achieve if I do choose to start or join in on argument and win. The answer is usually "Nothing".

Stop and think about what’s really important before entering into an argument, and NEVER, EVER argue in front of your children!!! You can never know how much damage that can do to a child!

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