What do I do if I’m mad at my husband?

I love my husband – a lot!  Although at times I could strangle him!

He is currently training for a bodybuilding competition (that’s a whole other story!), and for the last few months he’s not been his usual happy, carefree self.  He’s a lot less tolerant than before and personally, I just don’t like it.

He and my oldest daughter seem to be fighting constantly and after spending 9 years of constant conflict, I’m not too happy about it.  So today I got mad.  Not mad enough to yell at him (I am yet to get THAT mad at him!) but mad enough to tell him how this made me feel. 

Sometimes men don’t like being told that what they’re doing isn’t right, but if they’re not told, then how can they know? 

Anyway, the entire event ended happily and we had a big hug and he’s lightened up on my daughter, so things are a lot better this evening compared to earlier on.

If you’re not confident enough to stand up for your children, things aren’t good.  Our children learn from us and if we allow things to happen then they grow up thinking it’s normal.

So do your children – and yourself – a favour and speak up for what you believe in!

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