Taking your focus off your man – the key to creating lasting attraction

I don’t know about you, but I can sometimes obsess about many aspects of my life, including my man. And it does absolutely nothing to serve me, and in fact makes things harder for me sometimes.

So let me give you an example…

My social circle isn’t so great, so I do kind of rely on him a bit for entertainment and company, and while this isn’t the ideal situation, it has worked for the most part – until recently!

Whenever he’s out doing his own thing (which he should do – it’s healthy to have our own lives too), I often find myself at a loose end. And if I’ve got nothing else to do, I find that I am thinking about him more than I really want to be thinking about him.

This is NOT good for my vibe, and I begin to feel tense and unhappy. And I know he’s sensing it, and it creates pressure and tension in the relationship. NOT good!

So until now I’ve had difficulty in moving my focus, which is why having a list is a great idea! This list will contain things you like to do! The list can include activities with other people, things you can do yourself, or a list of places you would like to go.

Here’s some examples of the types of things you can have on your list which will remove your focus off your man and boost your vibe to create lasting attraction:

  1. Read a book
  2. Clean out some clutter
  3. Go for a walk/run/ride
  4. Join a Meetup.com group and attend a social event
  5. Give your dog a bath
  6. If you have a hobby, go and do it
  7. Meditate
  8. Do some gardening
  9. Paint your nails
  10. Wash and style your hair – even if you’re staying home!
  11. Volunteer for a charity
  12. Go shopping – even window shopping!
  13. Watch YouTube videos about a topic you’re interested in
  14. Do some study (if you’re doing a course etc)
  15. If you live close enough, go and sit by the ocean and breathe in the salt air
  16. Go for a swim
  17. Turn on some music, sing along at the top of you voice!
  18. Call a friend you’ve not talked to in a while
  19. Write in your Gratitude Journal
  20. Create a Vision Board

This is a list of 20 out of a possible GAZILLION ideas to take your mind off your man!

Just last night I joined around 15 meetup groups and I intend to join more today. There are so many fun and exciting things you can do if you just look for ideas!

What will appear on your list? Do you care to share? :-)

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