Relationships and How to Make Them Great – Part 2

Trust and respect is paramount for a good relationship.  If you don’t have that, then you have some work on your hands!

When each of you feels safe to be open and honest with each other, then you know that there is an element of trust there and that is a good, sound foundation for a great relationship.

Respect helps build trust because you’re not judging or criticising each other’s ideas or opinions or beliefs.

Do you have a sense of trust and respect in your relationship?  If not, then what do you think is lacking?


  1. First you have to respect yourself to start respecting others. Building self confidence is crucial to get a better foundation of your life.

  2. Michelle Green says:

    Yes, you are so right and thank you for your comments!

  3. I agree. Respect if very important in building your relationship stronger. Love and respect yourself first for others to do the same with youl.

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