My Dad

My Dad is usually a very upbeat person, telling jokes and making us laugh. But not lately…

Things have been tough lately and unfortunately it has all gotten too much for him and he is quite depressed.

What is a relief is that he knows he isn’t his usual happy self and he’s prepared to do something about it. Many men feel that talking about their problems, or admitting they’re not coping is not the done thing – not my Dad! He is doing something about it and before long he will be back to his old self – hurry up Dad!!! We miss you!!!

I love my Dad dearly although spending time with him right now really drains me emotionally. I suppose when I am around him I am trying to lift his spirits (as well as keeping my own spirits up because I hate seeing him this way), and I find it very frustrating that I can’t help him. I know he hates feeling the way he does too.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to lift your spirits just by focusing on what you want, rather than your problems. I just hope I get my happy old Dad back soon!

I wish I wasn’t so emotionally involved – maybe then I could use some of my coaching skills on him!

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