My boyfriend hasn’t contacted me in two weeks but I can see he’s been on Facebook. What do I do?

Ok, so you know he’s alive, but not so alive that he’s felt the need to make contact with you in the last two weeks.

How does that make you feel? I’m thinking you feel hurt, rejected, confused, and a whole lot of emotions that do not = happiness!

This guy may be your “boyfriend” in title, but he’s certainly not in his actions, and this is an important thing to consider.

Many guys have this thing where they “claim” you to take you off the market, so you can’t get snapped up by anybody else, but instead of acting like a boyfriend, he’s pretty much treating you like you’re an option.

There are two things you can do in this scenario:

  1. Accept
  2. Reject

It’s completely up to you. Do you want this to continue? Are you happy with this? Clearly you’re not or you wouldn’t be reading this article, looking for answers.

So how do you reject? Do you call him up and tell him that you reject his treatment of you??

Of course not!!!

Here’s what you do instead:

  1. Stop the urge to call or text him – do not contact him at all!
  2. Kick start your social life so that when he eventually does text or call, you will be busy if he wants to make plans.
  3. Consider dating others. I know this may feel a bit icky to start with, as he’s supposed to be your boyfriend, right? But how is a boyfriend supposed to be? Is he supposed to be MIA two weeks at a time?? If he’s not acting like a boyfriend, then he’s not your boyfriend and you’re single! So get out there!!!

I’m not sure you could “accept” this behaviour if it makes you feel bad. Instead you will tolerate it.

What happens over time if you do this, is that you start to get angry, really angry – at yourself for tolerating this crap! I’ve been there and I know this!

Remember, you are high value, and if you’re being treated like an option, it’s time to get out there and find a man who will treat you like a priority!

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