“I want to get my ex back” and other ways you can lower your value

prove your worthAlright… I think this is going to come across quite harshly for some of you, but all too often I see women who are so focused on getting back an ex that dumped them for whatever reason.

He dumped you, remember???

Ok… so being dumped hurts – a lot! I know it becuase it happened to me – on Mother’s Day! OUCH!

But do I want to try and get him back?

Do I want somebody who doesn’t want to be with me???

Uh… NO WAY!!!

There could be a thousand reasons as to why you guys broke up, and it could be because of something you did, or something he did, or in 99.9999% of cases, it was a bit of both.

Either way, he felt compelled to end it with you, and now you’re alone and miserable and you’re now online, trying to find out how you can get this guy back.

Do you seriously want to be with a guy who doesn’t want to be with you? SERIOUSLY??? Do you seriously undervalue yourself that much??

As I mentioned above, my guy called me to dump me on Mother’s Day. Yep it hurt, and yes I was upset, and sad, and all of those things. I chose to keep my dignity intact and I calmly wished him well. I did not beg him to change his mind, and I am NOT looking for a way to get him back.

He may now be gone from my life forever, and I know I have to be ok with that. In fact, I AM ok with that. He’s not the last man on earth, and I’m positive that my relationship with him has helped me to grow in so many ways, even though it only lasted a short time.

But there is no way on this earth that I will lower myself to convince a man as to why he should be with me. If he doesn’t want to be with me, that is his choice, and it doesn’t matter what the reasons are. Bottom line is, he has made a CHOICE not to be with me, and I have to accept that.

All too soon the next guy will come along to show me why the last didn’t work out.

If you need to prove your worth to a man, that’s the moment you should walk away, as there is better out there for you… xxx


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