How to make your relationship great – Part 4

To make your relationship great you really do need to take care of yourself.  How many times have you heard stories of marriages breaking up because the husband or wife "let themselves go".

Whether we like it or not, in most cases, first impressions count and if you are repulsed by a person you meet, then chances are that a relationship isn’t even on the cards. 

But what if you looked great, you were fit and healthy and full of energy when you met,.  You got married and then you let yourself go to a point where you now sit on the couch all weekend, you take little care with your appearance and now your partner is repulsed by the way you look?  Is that fair that he/she feels like that?  Think about it.

Turn the tables and think about how things would be if your partner did the same.

Yes, it sounds superficial but I do believe that if we can’t take pride in our own appearance, then how can we expect our partner to?

Taking pride in your appearance doesn’t mean you need to pack on the makeup or put on your Sunday best whenever you leave the house.  Just taking care with your hygiene and putting on some clean clothes is a good start.  Also exercising regularly and eating a (mainly) healthy diet is an even better start.

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