How to attract a good man

A long long time ago, I didn’t like myself very much. My self esteem was very low and I wasn’t a happy girl at all.

I didn’t realise this at the time, but while I acted positive to the outside world, it was my inner thoughts that were ruling my life – those thoughts I wasn’t necesssarily conscious of, and they weren’t good thoughts.

There was a problem with this, and it shaped a big part of what was to become my life for 9 years.

You see, when you have these feelings of not being enough, of not liking yourself, you’re sending a message out to the Universe. You’re basically asking the Universe to send you more of the same.

So what did I attract?

I attracted a man who treated me the way I felt about myself – he treated me like I wasn’t good enough, he treated me as though he hated my guts sometimes!

What’s weird about this is that on some level I always knew he did love me, but he sure had a shitty way of showing it!

The day I walked away from that man was life-changing. I vowed to myself that I would never let myself go down that road again, and while I’ve had some challenging relationships since then, none were as volatile as this one.

Fast forward several years to now, after I’ve done a LOT of inner work, and there is no way a man like that would even be within my circles. I just don’t interact with men who are on that level. Instead I’m attracting good, caring, genuine men who are successful and treat me like a queen.

So what’s changed?

I’ve changed – a LOT!

I don’t just like myself, I LOVE who I have become! I am working in a job that I love, I have two beautiful daughters that I love dearly, I have good friends and family around me, I have many male admirers (one of whom would put a ring on my finger if I said the word), I am confident and I am truly happy.

So because I now value myself so much, it’s like I’ve filtered out the men who would treat a woman as low value. I’m only attracting good, quality men. Yes, I’m still single, and that’s in part due to circumstances outside of myself, but I’m perfectly ok with that.

Low value men no longer stand a chance with me, because I value myself enough that I won’t even let them in anymore. And even if a low value man was able to “trick” his way into my life, he wouldn’t last long. Why? Because I have this strong belief that to make room for what you want, you must remove from your life what you don’t want. And I’d have no issues with doing that.

So the trick to attracting a good man is to first love and value yourself more than you love and value anybody else. That way you will make the right choices for you, and won’t tolerate what doesn’t serve you.

What happens when you do that is that you become this attracting force that men can’t resist, and all you have to do is weed out those that don’t meet your very high standards! Easy peasy! 😉

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