Happy anniversary to me!

It’s my 3rd wedding anniversary today and to celebrate I bought my husband a boring card and although I told him I didn’t want anything (I really didn’t want anything), he bought me some lovely gold earrings. Hmm. Who got the better deal? I did!

I don’t take total blame for this situation though. He knows (and I tell him often!) that he cannot go wrong if he buys me clothing, jewelry, or perfume. He tells me he doesn’t know what he wants, so how on earth am I supposed to know what to buy him?

Anyway, instead of giving him something material, I gave him lots of hugs and kisses and told him how much I appreciate him. Men like to know they’re appreciated, I have been told!

It’s his birthday in a month, so I’ve got some time up my sleeve to come up with something sensational! Gift ideas anyone??

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