Why do people hurt their children?

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Yesterday and today I read of two horrific stories of fathers killing their children. One shot his entire family (including himself) and another threw his young daughter off a bridge and drove away.

What on EARTH would possess a man to kill or even hurt an innocent child???

We can all draw assumptions about why, such as “he was in the midst of a custody dispute and didn’t want his ex to have the children, so that’s why he killed them”… but regardless of the reasons behind why a parent would kill a child, I can say with absolute certainty, that in all cases these people have a low level of self esteem.

If they had a high regard for their self worth, then they wouldn’t put themself into a situation where they could be locked away for life.

If they had high self esteem, they would face the challenges in their life head-on, knowing that they would come out at the other end in one piece.

Their view on life would be a positive one.

When I hear stories such as the stories I mentioned above, I am saddened to know that if only they had received the right help to boost their self esteem, then maybe this situation would not have happened.

If ever you’re in a relationship with someone who has violent tendencies, both verbal and physical, I cannot stress enough that your safety and that of your children must be of paramount importance.

Get help from a professional who has skills dealing with situations such as yours and protect yourself and your children in every way you can.


  1. heres something adults should try IF YOUR NOT GOING TO B A PARENT TO YOUR KIDS DONT HAVE THEM like wtf is wrong with ppl locking thier kids in closets for 10 hours, killing your kids, biting their eyes out, and beating babys uugh idk why but this stuff makes me sooo mad

  2. Kyra, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately though, these people DO have children so it’s too late to stop them from having them in the first place.

    As the other parent, it’s their responsibility to first get their children well away from this person, and secondly, get their partner some serious help before they harm somebody.

    Unfortunately too many people sweep these issues under the carpet, then only when it’s too late do they see that they should have taken these children away from this situation and gotten help for their partner long before this happened. Very very sad…

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