Do you have a “Keep Out” sign plastered across your forehead? Tips to attract your perfect partner

I have two friends who have at some stage had someone comment that they had “Keep Out” plastered across their foreheads, meaning that only the very brave of men could take the risk to actually talk to them, let alone get to know them!

Both of my friends are giving, loving women who have so much to give, however one of them is still looking for love (in the wrong places too, I might add!).

So why is it that whilst they desperately want to meet Mr Right, they’re sending out signals that contradict that?

(I might add at this point that one of my friends finally did meet Mr Right on a blind date and she has been very happy with him for several years now!)

Here’s my take on the situation with my friends:

  • They are so scared of being alone, that they are sending out messages that attract what it is they really don’t want – being alone!
  • Attaching negative thoughts to attracting the right partner. For example, you see a happy couple, and you feel jealous of what they have. You are jealous of their good fortune. This attracts more negative into your life.
  • Looking at your prospective partner’s perspective, do you think they would want someone who smells like they’re desperate?
  • Also looking from their perspective, do you think you’d be seen as a good partner if you sneer at every happy couple that walks past?

The bottom line is this – how much fun are you to be around? If you were that person, would you want to be with you?

You probably have so much to offer, but like my friends, those qualities are hidden deep down below for just in case someone you meet wants to hurt you in some way.

Getting out there and meeting Mr/Ms Right is a risk:

  • They could be married and you have become the “other woman” or “other man” unknowingly!
  • They could take you on the date from hell
  • They could be an absolute loser
  • They could be an abuser
  • You really just don’t get along or you just don’t like them
  • They could have every bad quality known to man
  • They could cheat on you or hurt you in other ways

So many things can go wrong, and sadly, so many single people remain focused on these.

What about the things you can gain from meeting the right person:

  • Happily ever after
  • They become your best friend
  • You always have someone to talk to about your problems
  • You have someone you can be intimate with
  • You have someone who is there for you, for better or for worse
  • They may some day be the mother or father to your children
  • They may help you grow in so many ways
  • They may be lots of fun and a joy to be around
  • You want to spend the rest of your life with them
  • They want to spend the rest of their life with you

Ok, the fairy tale is rarely perfect, however from my own experience I know it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before.

I’ve been hurt before (my ex hubby), however I am so grateful to him for what I gained from being with him. I have a beautiful daughter, I have learned the difference between a good and a bad relationship, I finally met my current husband who I probably would never have met if I hadn’t married my first husband first! Sooo many reasons to be grateful!

Being in a relationship is risky, but if you’re able to see the positives and how much they outweigh the risks, then maybe you can relax a bit and get that “Keep Out” sign off your forehead and open yourself up to the joys of falling in love!


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