Communication is the key to a wonderful relationship

I am yet to come across a "perfect" relationship, and in many cases, the imperfection is caused by communication – or a lack of it.

Unfortunately, especially when you’ve been with someone for a while, couples seem to take each other for granted and don’t realise that if they just sat down and had a good talk once in a while, then their relationship would be a whole lot better.

I discovered this with my husband recently. We both learned a few things about each other the other day that surprised us, to say the least. This all came about when we had a huge talk after the children had gone to bed.

During this talk we realised that most of our time and efforts are spent on the children or work. These days we rarely take time out for ourselves. We then decided that once a month we will go on a "date" – just the two of us!

We also talked about going away for the night on occasion (maybe once every two or three months) and just taking time out to be a couple again, instead of parents.

All too often we fall into the trap of spending our energy on everyone and everything around us, so there’s very little (if any) left for each other.

In 2009 we are committed to making our marriage the best it has ever been, so I think our year is going to be wonderful!

Have you found yourself in the situation where you’ve kind of lost touch with your partner? Why not add it to your resolutions for 2009 to make your relationship greater than ever?

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