Another reason why having a dating Plan B is always a good thing

Yesterday I talked about why having a Plan B in place when dating is a good thing. It takes the pressure off you and your prospective dates, because you’re no longer sitting around worried if he’s going to cancel.

With no Plan B, if he cancels, the alternative is to sit at home alone, crying into your pillow because all men suck and you’re going to become an old maid…

So yesterday The Aussie God postponed our date tomorrow night to next Wednesday night. While I felt disappointed, I felt ok because Mr IT was in the sidelines, hoping I would have a change of plans! He has just now confirmed that we are definitely catching up. So woohoo for me!

And something else happened today (it must be the week for it!).

A girlfriend messaged me this morning suggesting that we desperately need a girl’s night out, and I agreed, although I told her I may have plans (with Mr Blue Eyes). I had a feeling my plans were going to fall through for some reason…so I didn’t want to say I had definite plans!

And my feeling was right – Mr Blue Eyes got a tad confused with the plans we’d made and agreed to have his children all weekend. So of course that meant that our catchup wasn’t going to happen. Argh!

The poor guy – he’s absolutely smitten, and has been trying to find some free time in my schedule for weeks now! Oh well…

So again I was a little bit disappointed, but I am soooo looking forward to catching up with the girls this weekend!

With a Plan B in place (whether it be an alternative date, a catchup with girlfriends, focusing on a hobby or passtime, or even spending quality time with family), your dating experiences will be a lot less stressful. It really helps you to keep your focus on you, and to let go of expectations.

Do you have any Plan B’s in place? What are they? :)

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