Kids and Self Esteem

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This subject is close to my heart because I am a mother of two beautiful daughters.

None of us were born with low self esteem. Low self esteem develops over the years as we grow older and is the result of how we were treated by our "friends" or our family or others we come in contact with.

Whether you have children or not, you can make a difference in a child’s view of themselves and stop the cycle of low self-esteem problems.

A child should NEVER be put down or criticised but should be provided with unconditional love and caring. They should be encouraged and the focus should be on the positives.

Of course you might do everything right here, but somehow your child still ends up with a low self esteem – I know from personal experience! My parents NEVER, EVER put me down. I knew I was loved, and even when I became a horrible, moody, rebellious teenager, they were always there to tell me they loved me and wanted the best for me.

Unfortunately you cannot protect a child from other people 24 hours a day, but what you can do is teach the child how to deal with criticism or insults or put downs. I was always told to ignore those people. That was MUCH easier said than done, and myself esteem spiraled downwards for many years.

So what can you do? These days we are so lucky to have technology such as the internet, where we can find information and resources to help us to solve the many problems we deal with every day. I am currently building a list of products to help people with their self esteem, the first of which is at

While this might be aimed more at an adult than a child, you will very likely find information contained throughout the book that might help.

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Hi everyone and welcome to Self Confidence 101.

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You will be amazed at how much a slight shift in your level of confidence or self esteem can make to your life – in fact, you will notice your life will change dramatically!  I know this from personal experience!

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