3 tips to manifest what you want in life

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I recently came across these three tips, which I wanted to share with you today.

These are nothing new – in fact, I’ve heard these tips before. But we often need reminding in our busy lives, right?

Ok, so what are these 3 tips for manifesting what you want?

Here they are:

  1. Declutter – Yuk. I know, I know… nobody likes this task, but it HAS to be done! As one of my mentors once taught me, decluttering creates space to attract more of what you want in your life. Got stuff you don’t want or need (this includes people!)? Then get cracking and declutter your home, office, emails, computer, iPad, phone, etc etc etc!!
  2. Identify your vision – Find yourself a big sheet of cardboard, or a pin board, or you could even do this on your computer. Now go find pictures, quotes and words that reflect what you want in your life. Go crazy making your vision board and be sure to put it somewhere that you can see it every day.
  3. Get writing!! WARNING: SORE HAND COMING YOUR WAY!!! Ok ok it’s not that bad, but I started this last night, and after almost 40 minutes of constant writing, I DID have a sore hand! So… you need to write a key affirmation 55 times a day for 5 days. Yup. You heard it right! Your affirmation could read something like this: “Thank you Universe for my ________. I feel very excited about my future!” Again, you have to write this affirmation FIFTY FIVE times. And repeat this FIVE days in a row!

I started this process last night with my first day of 55×5. Today I’ll begin the decluttering and vision board tasks (decluttering is going to take a little while – I’m almost certain!).

My affirmation was: “Thank you Universe, for my Wings and Wheels. I feel very excited about my financial future!” If you’re not sure what my affirmation relates to (I’ve talked a little about it here), go check out http://mishyd.worldventures.biz and watch Video #2. It’ll explain exactly why I’m so excited about my life right now, and why I’m so focused on manifesting my “Wings and Wheels”!

Let’s see how different my life looks in 5 days!? I’ll post my progress for sure, as I’ve just started on my new journey! :)

When was the last time you reviewed your goals and dreams?

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Um, it became apparent to me this morning as I reviewed my list of “100 things to do before I die”, that it’s been several years since I last reviewed mine, because there were regular references to my now ex husband! Oops!

Ok, so this may look like a “Do as I say, not as I do” type scenario, but I am pleased to announced that all references to said ex hubby no longer exist, and I’ve changed and added a few more items to the list.

I’ve added in visits to various destinations that I didn’t even know existed until the last week, to my list, plus several other things I’d like to try, such as paddle boarding and kite surfing!

So… when was the last time you reviewed your goals and dreams? If it was more than a month ago, get in there and do it now! 😉

Are you going to be working in a job for the rest of your life?


tropical4I’ve been lucky enough to meet some very successful people in the last 8 years or so, and none of them actually work for someone else (funny that).

They’ve made their money by achieving results based purely on their own performance, rather than the performance of the organisation they work for.

For many years now, I have known I am meant for so much more than the 9 to 5 grind, but I’ve been yet to come across something that not only will make me money, but is in an industry I’m passionate about too. I want to be excited about what I’m doing!

Imagine being able to set your own hours! Imagine being able to take a vacation whenever you want! Imagine working hard and getting rewarded for it, every single month! Imagine feeling excited about starting your work day! Imagine being able to travel to exotic destinations, several times a year!!!

For most people this is the unattainable dream, but I’ve seen it happen too many times for me to not believe it can happen to me. Many of these people are less educated than I am, they’re not as smart, they didn’t have as good a start in life. So if they can do it, why can’t I???

You know what sets them apart from everyone else? They see what they want and they go after it! They don’t let “dream stealers” get to them – they are so lazer-focused on their goals, that nobody can sway them! They’re goal-setting machines!

Are you going to be working in a job for the rest of your life? Or are you looking for something more? What are your goals for the future? Do you want to work for the next 40 years or would you rather have better for yourself?

If you’re into travelling, I might have something you’re interested in… This is a travel club with a difference. Not only do you receive massive discounts on travel, but you can make money from it too. What’s not to like?? 😉

Visit http://mishyd.worldventures.biz and watch the 3 videos. Want to know more? Then please Contact me.

One of my current goals


It has been way too many years since I had the pleasure of sitting on a beach with a view like this, but I am determined now to make this a regular reality!

One of my current goals is to travel to a new destination at least once a year – no matter what!

This pic was taken in 2005 while on my honeymoon in the Whitsundays just off the Queensland coast.  I’ve had two other “holidays” since then – one was a trip to Thailand where I attended an internet marketing workshop, so it wasn’t a “holiday” as such, although we did get a chance to do a few touristy things… and the other was a 5 day trip to LA to attend a movie premier.  That was a whirlwind trip and we didn’t get much of a chance to relax, although I had a great time!

So my new goal will also include my daughters – I will take one or both of them on at least one holiday every year – and I know we will have a  blast!  :)

So to ensure my goal is a “SMART” goal, here’s how it’s looking:

Specific – My goal is to travel to a new destination every year – here or overseas (I don’t care!)

Measurable – Yup – if I don’t travel in a year, we’ll know I fell short!  If I do, then we can tick this one off!

Attainable – Yup it’s attainable alright – because our destinations don’t have to be expensive, right?  Although things are looking up in that department anyway, so maybe my daughters and I will be having more fun than originally planned!

Relevant/realistic – Both!  For sure!

Time bound – Yup, I have one year to meet this, every single year!

So what are your goals, and are they SMART too?  :)

When you decide what you want, the opportunities appear!

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For some time now I’ve kind of lost my focus on my goals, and this has been due to many reasons, some of which I’ve talked about here. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. I finally know what I want, and an opportunity has appeared!

What I’m talking about is what happens when you decide you really want something – when you decide what you really want.

I’m not exactly sure what happens, but strange things start to happen when you decide what you want to achieve. It’s like there are some little magic fairies out there doing little things to help you get closer to achieving your goals!

For some time now I’ve wanted to travel, and due to many factors, I’ve just not had the opportunity to travel nearly as much as I wanted to. But over the last few months, the travel bug has bitten, and it’s now something I really have a desire for!

So I’ve made some plans to travel later in the year, although nothing’s been set in concrete at this stage.

But something has happened that’s going to take me closer to achieving my travel goals much sooner and much more often than I ever dreamed!

Last week I was contacted by a friend who is launching a program in Australia that’s all about discounted travel. It’s been going for years in 23 other countries, and it’s finally coming here. I feel very excited about this opportunity, and can’t wait to rub shoulders with those bringing this program here! Woohoo!

Funny how when you decide what you want, opportunities appear…! 😉

So what do you really want? Once you’ve decided on this, keep an eye out for the opportunities that “miraculously” appear…!

Tracking what you do could be the key to success

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What are you doing each day to take you closer to your goals?

What are you doing each day to sabotage your progress?

Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is we’re doing right or wrong when it comes to achieving our goals, and often we’re unaware of what we’re doing wrong if things aren’t happening for us!

Yesterday I came across a great tip to help you to work this out!

It’s called “Tracking”.

Tracking involves writing down each and every thing you do, positive or negative, that relates to your goal.

That’s it!

Sounds simple right?

Alright, let me break this down for you, so you’re clear about what I’m talking about here. Let’s say you want to lose weight. Here’s what you would do:

  1. Grab a small notebook which you can carry with you EVERYWHERE.
  2. Every single time you put something in your mouth, write it in your notebook (it might also help to note the time that you ate too).
  3. Every single time you exercise, write it in your notebook.
  4. Every single time you skip exercise in order to do something less active, write it in your notebook.
  5. Go through your notes every day and highlight the positive things you did to move you towards your goal, and also the negatives.
  6. Count how many negatives you have. Aim to have less of those tomorrow!

You can apply this method to anything. If you want to achieve a high mark in a course you’re doing, or you want to reduce debt, or you want to improve your sales, anything! Apply this to anything that requires that you do something every day to get you closer to achieving it.

I’d love to hear how you go with this process! :)

How my gratitude journal got me out of a “funk” yesterday

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I’ve posted on here before about gratitude journals and I really do love mine, although I don’t write in it nearly as often as I should. But after last night, I am thinking I should!

I was having a pretty good day, which headed downhill pretty quickly last night after a silly argument with my man (I have since forgiven him! haha). I was sad, upset, angry, and a whole lot of other emotions. So I let myself feel them all.

And then I decided my negative feeling time was up and it was time to turn things around in my mind into something positive!

So I grabbed my gratitude journal and began writing. I wrote down five things I was grateful for at the time, and then I wrote directly afterwards, in present tense (and with the due date) my biggest goal – what I want to achieve just over two years from now.

As I wrote down that goal (which I’ve had for a short time), an overwhelming feeling of excitement came over me. It was like I could feel it was coming, and it was getting so close I could almost touch it!

It’s funny, because I’ve never felt like that while writing down an affirmation or a goal before, unless I consciously brought those feelings up. So for it to happen involuntarily was quite an awesome feeling!

And then today something happened that I wasn’t expecting. This thing has taken me one more step closer to my goal! Yay!

It’s funny how a change in mindset (brought on by writing in my gratitude journal) can create circumstances which bring your goals closer huh? :)

My 100 dreams

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When you have a goal in life, it’s always good to know why you want what you want, and what you will do when you have it.

As I work through the paperwork to get started on my new business, I have come across a page where I’m asked to write down 100 dreams. These are 100 things we would see, have, do, become or support if time and money were out of the equation.

Luckily I had already started this list some time ago, although I am finding it extremely difficult to come up with 100 and have only listed 35 so far! Eeek!

Isn’t it funny how we tend to only focus on the main things, but when we sit down and break it down and try to come up with a larger number, it becomes more difficult!?

It’s easy to say that I’d like a new house, a new car, an overseas holiday every year, but what about the little things? These things might include spending a day with my babies (ok, they’re not really babies anymore but they’re MY babies!), or taking my dog for a walk in the middle of the day… small things that seem insignificant. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do them if and when we want?!

So why not grab some paper now (or even load up a spreadsheet), and see how many dreams you can come up with. Hopefully you’ll get a lot more than my dismal 35! 😀

How to get your spark back

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Do you remember the days when you were excited about life? Do you remember having big dreams and feeling enthusiastic about creating the life you want? Did life feel like it had meaning? Is that feeling now gone?

Yeah me too…well it was the other day….

Yes, so the other day I realised that I had lost those feelings – I had lost my spark. And I wasn’t happy about it!

I lacked motivation, I didn’t want to do anything, I watched too much TV, I lacked enthusiasm, and I barely just functioned.

Once I realised I’d lost my spark, I started to think about how I would get it back. If I had it before, then surely I could get it back easily, right? But first I had to work out why it had gone in the first place.

So I did some thinking and when I finally worked out the answer, the tears welled up in my eyes.

Sadly, my only “excitement” each week was going to the gym! Not good, but it was certainly more fun than going to work and I felt good afterwards, but there’s more to my life than that! Well… there’s supposed to be!

Do you know why exactly I’d lost my spark?

I had absolutely nothing short term to look forward to (other than the gym!).

I had no short term goals. At all. Nothing!

I have plenty of long term goals, but none of them are broken down into “chunks”, so everything just looked so far away!

Ok, so now that I knew why I had lost my spark, I now needed to get it back!

And here’s the process I’m following right now:

1. I’ve started planning an overseas holiday
2. I am in the process of reviewing my long term goals and breaking them down into smaller, short term “chunks” or goals.
3. I have a “list of things to do before I die”. I’m reviewing that now to see if I can set a goal to achieve at least one of them in the short term.

I also have some study to finish, and I really need to set myself some targets to finish this soon! I finally feel that fire of excitement burning!

So there you have it! I’m already feeling a gazillion times better!

As I mention in my ebook, setting and achieving goals is essential for confidence and self esteem, and having a purpose is a big part of that.

If you decide to do this yourself, see if you can come up with one task per goal that you can complete every day to get you one step closer to achieving each goal. Please share your progress with me via the comments section below, or email me from the Contact page.

Good luck! :-)

What are you going to do today to get you closer to achieving your desires?

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It’s all well and good to have goals and desires, but what are you actually doing each day in order to achieve them?

You can look at your list every day, several times a day, but will this activity actually move you closer? I’m thinking not!

What you must do is take action!

Sometimes though, looking at the big picture of what you want can seem overwhelming. So can thinking about the things you need to do to get there too!

So here’s a little process you can follow each day to start you moving towards achieving your desires:

  1. First thing in the morning – check your diary. Is that’s in your diary for today going to get you closer to achieving your desires? If so, great! If not, change what you see in your diary!
  2. Every night, plan the next day. What will you do tomorrow for one of your 6 major areas of life? Only choose one to focus on tomorrow. This can’t be too hard right?

Here are the 6 major areas of life, if in case you didn’t know:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Business
  4. Personal Development
  5. Family
  6. Social

It takes between 14 and 21 days to form a habit, so why not commit to following this process for a month, to see what a difference it makes to your progress and your eventual results.

I’m pretty sure you will be surprised! 😉