Counting down to the end of 2013

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Hi everyone! I didn’t post a Merry Christmas post this year because;

a) I’m the worst blogger ever; and
b) I’ve used the last week or so to just have some “me” time and be with my kids.

I’m not religious, but I love Christmas, as it’s a time to take a break from work and spend quality time with family. I was lucky enough to get two weeks off work this year, and I’m making the most of the time, let me tell you!

As 2013 draws to a close, I’ve also been reflecting on what has been an incredible year. So much has happened, so many changes, and I’ve grown personally too. It’s definitely been a turning point in my life, and I have a very good feeling that 2014 is going to bring about some exciting times!

Today I’ve started looking into ways to get in shape. I’m going to be following the Fit Yummy Mummy “Little black dress” program. I’ve really been quite slack with my workouts and eating lately, and it’s time to get back on track!

Thankfully I’ve never really struggled with my weight, but looking AND feeling great is important to me. So a change to what I eat on a daily basis and an increase in physical activities it is!

So 2014 is going to kick off with a better looking/feeling me, I’m going to focus more on my business activities, therefore improving my financial situation, and as for my love life, well… it could be better, but I think I’m on the right track!

How is your 2014 looking? :)

Weight loss – My experiment to improve my chance of success!

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After a winter of laziness and probably a wee bit much to drink, my middle is telling me that if I don’t do something about it soon, then I’m going to have a tummy that sticks out further than my boobs.

The horror of this is what has sparked me to get off my butt today and complete a strength training workout, followed by 15 minutes of intervals (running/walking).

I probably chose the most humid day of the year so far to do this, but after a stretch and a nice long shower, I’m feeling pretty good about my efforts so far!

Here’s my problem though…

I just LOVE food. ANY food! And what this means is that I often find myself eating foods that are not supportive to a goal of fat loss.

What I’ve done in the past is to completely fix my diet, only eating healthy, supportive foods, and exercising three times per week. The exercise I’m usually ok with and when I make the effort, I find half an hour, three times a week do to my thing.

But all too soon my food habits die and I’m back to my old habits again.

So here’s what I’m going to do instead…

  1. I’m going to work out three times a week as planned; and
  2. I’m going to tweak my eating habits. So I’m not going to completely go healthy, but rather improve each week on what I’m doing. So in my case, this could mean ensuring I eat a healthy breakfast every day, and having at least one or two healthy meals during the day after that. The following week, I’ll add in another healthy meal, and so on.
  3. I’m not going to get hung up on whether I’m eating the right thing or not. I know what’s healthy, and I know what’s not. And I also know that the more regularly I work out, the less inclined I am to want to eat unhealthy food.

I hate feeling guilty, so this new way of doing things may be the start I need to gradually incorporate healthy eating habits into my life, without beating myself up. I’m wondering if that’s why I’ve given up in the past?! Maybe!

Ok, I’m off to the shop to buy some ingredients for some healthy protein balls! :)

What motivation do you need to work out?

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I know as well as you do, that if you want to lose weight, the best way to do it is to work out regularly and eat clean and healthy.

But if it’s that simple, why is more than half the population overweight?

Well… I’m the queen of procastination and laziness at the best of times, and it’s been almost a year since I last stepped foot in a gym. But all the while, I’ve KNOWN that exercising regularly is going to not only help me to burn fat, but I always feel more energised and healthy when I work out regularly! And what have I done about it??? NOTHING!

Until today that is!

I moved house recently, and since doing so, I’ve been more motivated to get out and explore a little. So thankfully for my dog Fluffy (I did NOT choose her name! lol), I have been taking her for more walks. So this morning we were walking along and I looked across at the personal training studio just down the road and noticed a few people in there working out.

It was then that I decided I might give them a try.

I called them up and they told me that I could have a free trial for a week, then after that I could pay the weekly fee. All good!

So I booked my session for tomorrow morning, and I just set my alarm (two different times) to ensure I’m up on time to attend! I feel now like I’m OBLIGED to go, even though this is a free session! Haha!

Ok, so it seems that accountability is big for me. And maybe if I had a trianing buddy I’d be more inclined to get off my butt!

So for now I’m attending group training sessions (starting tomorrow) and will see how things go!

What gets you motivated to work out?

Looking for a compelling enough reason to lose weight?

Princess Leia

If you have a good enough reason to want to lose weight, chances are you’ll achieve your goal. But often people struggle to find that reason that’s compelling enough to push them into action.

Last week I came up with a FABULOUS reason to lose weight! And here it is…

I agreed to attend a work fancy dress function dressed in the dress pictured here! EEEK!

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but as you can see, the dress is not only tight around the midsection, but it’s also white! What this means is that every little bulge is going to show! HELP!

If this isn’t a good enough reason for me to get stuck into my workout routines and to eat healthy for the next few weeks, then nothing will be! Haha!

I will post pics from the event so you can see if I achieved my goal, which is of course to look maybe almost as good as the model pictured here…! Princess Leia, eat your heart out!

When you look after yourself you feel better

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Before I start, let me be the first to admit that sometimes when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I really do not want to make any effort to look after myself. In fact, I can often neglect my health if things are really bad, but all this does is make me feel worse!

You don’t have to look very far to see that there are a whole lot of people out there who aren’t taking good care of themselves. You could be one of those people, and let’s be honest here…

We all know what healthy foods are (for the most part) and we also know that to stay in shape it’s important we exercise regularly. But with a large proportion of the population currently overweight, it’s obvious that we’re not loving ourselves all that much!

Ok ok I know we get busy, but there are ways to eat healthy foods and to exercise regularly without too much trouble. You can buy prepackaged meal replacement shakes that are low in fat and sugar for breakfast (I’ll post some links at some stage for the Aussie and NZ readers!), you can take a piece of fruit with you for snacks, you can make your lunches the night before you go to work, you can do the 12 minute workouts at too.

If you’re not making your health a priority, why aren’t you? What would it take for you to make it a priority?

I’ve never struggled with my weight – ever. But I’ve always had pretty good eating habits, and when I ate junk, it was only ever a small portion. I NEVER upsized, and I never will. Ever.

But when my last marriage was in a bit of a funk, I was working from home and burying myself in my work so I wasn’t facing my marriage problems. During that time I did put on a few kilos. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice (mind you, I was still within the healthy weight range for my height). My fat % was going up. And I did not like it!

So I did something about it. I purposely chose to live where I live so that I would have a decent walk every morning to my train. I also eat a LOT of vegetables, preferably steamed or raw, and with a small serving of lean meat, chicken or fish, and “cheat meals” are limited to once or twice a week. And finally I go to the gym at least three times a week too.

And you know what? I feel better now than I have EVER felt in my life! I feel better than I did in my 20’s!!!

So when you do look after yourself you do feel better. And I think a part of that probably comes down to the fact that you also LOOK better too, not to mention having all of that extra energy to burn!

So…. what are you doing to look after yourself? Or what are you about to START doing?? :)

Can’t afford a weight loss program? Here’s your perfect solution!

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I am probably one of those people that many others hate who has never really struggled with my weight.

In fact, even while pregnant, my weight never went above the ideal weight for somebody of my height who wasn’t even pregnant!

I have maintained my figure for many reasons, including the fact that while I don’t always eat the best foods for me, my portion sizes are on the smaller size. I never upsize – EVER.

Also, I’m quite active (even when not following specific workout routines), so my level of activity combined with my eating habits allows me to maintain my weight.

But I do get a bit “soft” and floppy sometimes, and that’s when I decide it’s time to partake in a workout program to tone the little bit of excess flab I have.

I have tried many programs and when I apply myself, they all work great. But I do get bored after a while – I need variety from the same old thing every week.

So when a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about a program she was following, I was curious! So I took a look and liked what I saw.

Now, beware that some of the pictures on this site and even some of the video titles are a little “sexual”, but the program itself is tough and from what I’ve read, it works too. And best of all, it’s FREE!

So pop on over to and take a look for yourself.

You will notice that during her workouts she uses an Interval timer. You can get one of those HERE.

What do you think? Are you up to the challenge?? If cost was your excuse before, then you no longer have an excuse! ūüėČ

Happy Mothers Day!

mother and baby

Happy mothers day to all of you mothers out there (I’m not sure if Australia’s the only country celebrating this today, but happy mothers day anyway!)! ¬†A little over 13 years ago I became a mother myself for the first time, and I distinctly remember feeling an amazing sense of unconditional love, for the first time in my entire life.

It was unlike anything I had ever experienced it all, and was so intense that I worried that when my second beautiful angel was born, that I wouldn’t love her as much.

But the moment I laid eyes on her, I experienced that same intense love all over again.

Even though I’ve had my challenges over the years, and although I have a lot of my focus on my career, business and relationships, being a mother to me has been (and probably always will be) the most important aspect of my life. ¬†My children come first above all else. ¬†But I still make time for me!

Being a mother is hard work, and it’s important you have time for yourself sometimes. ¬†We often get caught up in all of the other aspects of our life, and forget that we need looking after too.

So if you’re on a mission to lose some weight for example, but you rarely have time to exercise, then today is the day that you schedule half an hour, three times a week to exercise – just as you would an appointment at the doctor. ¬†If you made that appointment you’d show up right? ¬†So treat your exercise regime the same way. ¬†Book it in!

If your relationship with your significant other needs some work, book him in for a “date”. ¬†Spend some time alone together. ¬†Once you have children, this aspect of relationships often stops happening and things get dull. ¬†Spice things up a little!

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, such as attend a Zumba class, hike up a local mountain, write your first novel or even jump out of a plane, choose today as the day in which you start planning this activity. ¬†Set a date, find out the costs, work out how you’ll pay for it (if needed) or what you’ll need to get started. ¬†And START!

If you’ve been wanting to return to work, change your career, or improve your skills, start looking at the job ads, update your resume, look into courses, see if your employer will pay for some additional study for you.

Choose today as the day in which you make at least one small improvement to your life! ¬†That’s the first step towards living a life worth living! ¬†:)

What to do if you lack motivation

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I’ve done a bit of reflecting lately becuase I’ve wanted to lose a little bit of weight but was struggling to stay motivated.

Why was it so hard for me to get out of bed to exercise?  Why was I constantly making excuses to sleep in for an extra half an hour when I knew what I wanted to achieve?

And then I worked it out!¬† “Looking good” just wasn’t high enough on my list of values!¬† Instead I had things like “achievement”, “success”, and other such values.

So how did this help?

Well, I realised that I needed to do something that would not only be congruent with my list of values, but one that would give me a sense of achievement or success.

So I signed up to compete in a triathlon!  Eeeek!

In 72 days I will compete in my first ever triathlon!¬† I’m not in it to win it (although that would be nice), but to just complete it will bring me a great sense of achievement!

Finally I have found something that gives me reason to get out of bed and exercise!¬† I don’t feel like it’s a chore because I’m working towards something that I want to achieve.

So what can you do to help you acheive your goals?  What can you work towards so that it no longer seems like a chore?

What is your motivation to lose weight?

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If you want to lose weight because your doctor said you should or you’re scared of getting heart disease or diabetes, then it is unlikely you will be able to keep the motivation going to follow through and achieve your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight because you really want to improve quality of your life, then you have a much higher chance of success!

Many people are initially motivated by fear or they feel they are being pressured to lose weight and unfortunately this isn’t a very inspiring way to stay focused and on track!

Being motivated this way really focuses on the negatives – what you hope to lose if you don’t lose weight, rather than the positives – what you will gain through weight loss.

So if you’re one of those people who has decided they want to lose weight, start to look at the real reasons why you want to.

If you’re initially driven by fear of what you could lose, try to look at what you will get out of losing weight. List down all of the benefits, and keep your focus on these as you get closer to your goal.

Even better, find a weight loss buddy to go through your weight loss journey with you and make it someone who will encourage you and support you and challenge you to succeed.


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Lose weight and improve your self esteem

Self Responsibility

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Taking responsibility for your current situation can be difficult to do if you feel that everything that is wrong with your life is somebody else’s fault.

Someone with a weight problem might say that they’re overweight because there are too many fast food outlets around that tempt them, or someone in a bad relationship might say that they pick bad relationships because they were abused as a child and they just end up in the same situation over and over again.

It is kind of confronting when someone says that your current situation is 100% your fault, and it took me a long time to really believe this to be true.

No, you don’t choose to have fast food outlets everywhere and you don’t choose to be treated badly, but what you do choose to do is react in the way you do.

For example, there are plenty of thin people who live near the same fast food outlets. The difference between you and them is that they choose not go eat there as often as you do. You can choose to limit your fast food consumption to one day a week.

There are millions of other people who have been abused as children, but they don’t all find themselves in bad relationships.

On the other hand, I was never abused as a child but I found myself in a bad relationship – so what caused my situation? It certainly wasn’t abuse as a child!

If you find yourself in a bad relationship, you can choose to leave that relationship, you can choose to stay or you can choose to work on fixing it (if possible). You can also choose to avoid people who are likely to treat you badly, or you can choose to love yourself so that you can find someone who can love you even more!

Here is another example: I work with people who are constantly whining about where we work, how bad their job is, how terrible management are – but they still continue to work there and they’re not looking for employment elsewhere!

They have three choices. They can continue to put up with a job they hate, they can learn to see the positives of working there and be grateful they even have a job, or they can find a job elsewhere!

Until one starts taking responsibility for their situation they will have a lot of trouble making the changes required to improve their life.