What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow?

It has been said that most of us are only 3 paydays away from bankruptcy.

What this means is that if you were to lose your job tomorrow, and with no other means to make an income, it would take only 3 paydays before you’ve run out of cash.


I had a very vivid dream last night. In this dream I was made redundant from my job and throughout the dream I was in a panic about how I was going to survive financially.

I would have to move out of the beautiful home I love and possibly go and live with my parents in their already overcrowded home, I would lose my car, and things would NOT be looking good at all!

Well… thankfully this did not happen, and even better, thankfully I’m working on my Plan B. Plan B for me includes generating an income that will eventually replace my current income. I’m getting there slowly and with very little effort, but the fact is I’m moving toward my goal.

What are you doing to protect yourself against a job loss?

If you’re looking for ideas, stay tuned – I’m going to post soon with a list of things I’m doing right now. You never know… one of these things may work for you!

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