Wealth Education – The Best Education You Will Ever Have!

I am all for continuous learning and I take up every opportunity possible to learn something new – and in particular I like learning about how to improve my financial position, or in other words, how to achieve success.  But I’m not talking about “traditional” learning, where you do a course, sit the exam, then walk away with a certificate and/or a qualification of some sort.

Our world is full of educated people who are suffering financially, so there’s got to be something else out there to show you the way…

I’m talking about wealth education here.  Learning from those who have achieved success against all odds.  The people who are living proof that it doesn’t matter where you are now, because you too are capable of becoming successful just like them.  I think this kind of education is the best kind you can get.

But these educational “events” aren’t just about how to make money.  They’re more about proving to you that if you’re persistent and focused enough, you can also achieve amazing success!

Now THAT is what I love about attending these events!  The stories are so inspirational, and more often than not, the typical story is a story of rags to riches.  I love it!  You don’t have to be rich to be successful.  These people prove this fact over and over again.

But there are a few things you should do in order to increase your chances of becoming wealthy and achieving success:

  • Hang out with people you want to be like.  As the saying goes, “You are whom you associate with”.
  • Attend wealth creation or business related events where you can hear successful people speak about how they achieved their success (visit http://selfconfidence101.com/branson.html for more info about such an event being held in Melbourne Australia later this year).
  • Be clear about what you want in your life.  VERY clear!
  • Remember that to achieve success, you MUST take action!
  • Be persistent, stay focused, and believe you can do it!
  • Get yourself a mentor.  Somebody you can learn from and be inspired by. If you’ve got a really good mentor (I have a couple), they’ll push you to go beyond where you ever thought possible.

I attended my first ever event in 2005 and to say this event changed my life is nothing short of an understatement.  It is because of that particular event that I now have the most amazing and wonderful friends in my life who are not only my mentors, but they’re opened the door up for me to find other mentors too.  I am sooo lucky!  :)

If you’re wanting to improve your financial situation and/or achieve success, investigate what’s happening in your area.  Are there any good speakers coming to town?  Remember, they’re not all business people.  Many talk about the Law of Attraction and other such topics too – all tools used to help you to achieve success.

And if you’re in Melbourne Australia in October, you might see me HERE!

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