Think your job is safe? Think again!

Today I received some news that shocked me, although at the same time it wasn’t completely unexpected.

My job was made redundant. For many people, news such as this would be devastating, because what it means is that your main source of income has suddenly disappeared!

But for me, I feel mixed. I feel kind of unsettled, because things are uncertain, but I also feel excited, because this could also mean that I am freed up to work on my business full time, as I will have a rather large payout to live on for a bit!

When you only have one source of income, you really are at the mercy of your employer. But when you work for yourself, you’re only at the mercy of yourself – because your actions will bring in or turn away customers!

So do you have a Plan B, for just in case your job is no longer yours? If not, why not? What are you waiting for? Until it’s too late?

For most people, the news of a redundancy is completely unexpected, and all of a sudden they’re left with no options whatsoever. Please don’t let that happen to you.

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