Passion – The key to being happy in business

I have several mentors and each and every one of them has proven that to really succeed in business, I must be passionate about what I’m doing.

You’re not alone if you’re one of those people who hears the alarm in the morning, then proceeds to climb out of bed with a feeling of dread, thinking “I really don’t want to go to work today!”.

But not everybody feels this way. In fact, there are people out there who jump out of bed, excited about the day ahead!

I always had a dream of some day owning and running my own business, and I spent many years learning new skills, looking for business ideas (I had NO idea what my business was going to look like!), and I even tried my hand at various types of businesses, with varying success.

But all the while, I knew deep down what I was really passionate about and kind of what I wanted to do, but I was yet to build a business based around my passion.

Let me tell you a little about what really makes my heart sing…

I am extremely passionate about helping people succeed in all areas of life, which is why I decided to study and become a certified Life Coach.

You don’t have to look far to see that there are MANY people in this wonderful world of ours who have overcome the biggest obstacles to become extremely happy and successful in their lives. Many of these people started off with nothing, but they are living proof that no matter what your upbringing was like and no matter what your current circumstances are like, they have the ability to succeed in life.

I look back at my life 15 or so years ago and I can see how far I have come. When my self confidence was at its lowest of lows, there was no way I would have believed that I could be as happy and as successful as I am now. But when I began to build my confidence and self esteem, I was filled with hope and my future suddenly looked brighter.

I knew that there was a better life for me out there. I knew I could be successful in any area of my life if I just believed. Having mentors and coaches to guide me definitely helped me to stay on track too.

And now I want to help others to change their lives, just as my mentors and coaches helped me.

If you have low self esteem or low confidence, I want to help you to overcome this. I want you to start believing in yourself. I want to show you how just changing your mindset can completely change your life. Completely!

The reason I want to do this is because having coached several people from all over the world, I love the feeling I get when I help a client to completely change their outlook on life. What I love even more is that once their outlook on life changes, so does their life – dramatically! I absolutely LOVE the feeling I get when I received an excited email from a client, thanking me from the bottom of their heart for what I have done for them. It’s the warm and fuzzy stuff I adore! :)

The businesses I’ve started in the past, well they may have made me some money, but they didn’t make my heart sing. So I didn’t really apply myself to them in order to achieve great success. And they certainly didn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like when I’m coaching.

Do you want to know why that is?

It’s because I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing! My other businesses haven’t made my heart sing, I didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I received a thank you note from a happy client, over time I lost my enthusiasm, and I eventually lost interest.

Being passionate about what you are doing is the key to being happy in business. Working on your business will not be a chore – it will be a pleasure! And you will be more inclined to do what it takes to make that business succeed – because you absolutely love doing it! Getting out of bed will be easy! You will love your life, and it will show to all of those around you!

So what are you passionate about? What makes your heart sing? Could you create products and turn this into a business? Think outside the box – I’m sure you could! 😉

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