What will your life look like in retirement?

I’ve been doing some reading about retirement and stats about how much people have to live on once they’re working no more, and OMG I am shocked!

I shouldn’t be, because I’ve worked in the Superannuation industry here in Australia for the last 11 years, but it’s looking pretty grim.

They’re saying that most people will run out of money in around 11 years!!

And come to think of it, I remember many occasions of people coming in to withdraw their retirement savings – everything they had – and it was a measly $15,000 or so.

What on earth do they think they’re going to be able to do with THAT???

I’m 41 now, and that means that if I’m planning on working for someone else for the rest of my working years, I have around 20 years to sort my savings out.


I’ve already been working that long! And I have to work ANOTHER TWENTY YEARS????


Ok, so you’ve probably guessed that the prospect of spending another year, let alone another 20 in the workforce, is not an appealing one for me. And you’re right.

I’m sorry but I want to live my fun years NOW, while I’m still young enough to fully enjoy them! Once I’m 60, who knows what my body will be like? Will I be all hunched over and wrinkly? Mmmm… not a great look on a white sandy beach!

So no. I will NOT wait till I’m in my 60’s to retire. I’d rather do things much sooner than that.

With that in mind, what could you do with another $500 a month? Reduce debt, build savings, take a fabulous holiday? And what if to achieve that, it was something that was relatively easy (and simple) to do? And what if you didn’t have to do a massive amount of work to achieve it?

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