Interview tips – What to do to improve your chances of landing the perfect job

Those of you who know me, also know that not only do I have a “real” job, but I am also a Life Coach (of course!) a freelance writer, and for a time I was a web marketing consultant. Phew!

So last week a colleague of mine from another floor of the building I work in, called me to tell me about a new position which had my name written all over it!

She emailed the position description and it looks like it was written for me! Every time I read it, I feel more and more excited!

But being excited is not going to land me that job, right?

So here are a few tips to help to grt you and me on your way to landing the perfect job:

  • You need to prepare

This is essential, especially if you have competition going for the same job. There are no prizes for second place!

Grab a notebook and write down five of your most valuable strengths, relating them if you can to the position (often a position description will highlight the type of person they’re after). Are you a hard worker, are you goal oriented, do you work well under pressure, are you a team player?

  • Demonstrate that you’re a good fit for the job

Your interviewer will be looking for the best person for the job, so it’s up to you to prove to them that you meet their criteria.

List the job requirements, point by point, and come up with examples of how you have met each of these requirements – write them all down.

  • Research

Go online and find out as much as you can about the organisation. While doing so, think of any questions you might want to ask about the organisation.

Asking your questions in a way that shows you took the time to do some research will show that you’re keen to learn more about the organisation.

  • Re-read your cover letter and resume

Highlight your past achievements and keep them in mind for during the interview.

  • Dress appropriately

First impressions matter and if you’re not dressed appropriately, you may do yourself out of that dream job.

  • Arrive on time (preferably a few minutes early)

Turning up late is a huge no-no – be prepared.

  • Handling your nerves

I don’t know anybody who isn’t at least a teeny bit nervous during an interview. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely to go off on a tangent, talking a thousand miles an hour! During an interview is the time to try to keep this in check! Take some deep breaths, and think about your answers before giving them.

  • Ask questions

If you have questions along the way (or even if you have thought up questions before) you can ask them during the interview.

  • Answer every question as honestly as you can

Provide complete answers too. Your interviewers are wanting to know if you’re a good fit for the job, so the more “evidence” you can give them (without going overboard) the better.

  • Avoid negative statements about past employers

You may hate your current or previous jobs or employers, but now is not the time to bring that up.

And there you have it!

Good luck!


  1. Gordon Rendall says:

    Hi, very useful post. I’ve just bumped into it and found it concrete and useful, very straight to the point. With your tips and some tricks I’ve heard during the webinars organized by I’m sure I’ll easily go through next job interview. Thanks once again!

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