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2011 is Almost Here!


2011 is almost upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’re looking back at the year that’s gone and contemplating the year ahead.

I’ve had a very tough and challenging year where I made some drastic life changes, but I don’t regret making these changes and I’m excited about the year ahead.  I believe that 2011 is going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to welcome the new year in!

If you’ve not done so already, now would be the perfect time to start thinking about how you want 2011 to look.  What goals do you want to achieve?  If you’ve not done so already, grab your free goals and priorities diary – see for more info.

I’m excited to say that next year I plan to visit some other parts of the world – including Egypt!  I’ve wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt since FOREVER and am now making plans to get there later in the year.  How exciting!!

Another goal of mine is to significantly improve my ability to save.  I started a savings plan earlier this year, and so far it’s working well!  I save 10% of every cent I earn, and it actually feels REALLY good!  Yay me!

And finally, my biggest goal of all is to make Self Confidence 101 the best it can be!  My goal for 2011 is to help women in particular who are suffering with low self esteem in the best way I can.  I want to provide the best tools and information to help women all over the world to change their lives dramatically for the better.  I want there to be a LOT more happy people out there in 2011 and I want to help make that happen!

Now, one last thing I want to suggest to you is that all achievements should be rewarded in some way.  I rewarded myself this year with the most amazing trip to Los Angels with a close friend of mine.  We had a blast!  We stayed with her brother in the Hollywood Hills, we attended a movie premier, and I finally got to see for myself just how big food portion sizes are over there!  OMG!   Sooo soooo soooo much fun!

Have you rewarded yourself for your achievements in 2010?  It doesn’t have to cost anything – even allowing yourself a day to relax and do absolutely nothing is reward enough!  How will you reward yourself in 2011?  Give yourself a good incentive to succeed!

I’ll sign off now and would like to thank you for your support over the last year or more and I look forward to helping you to make 2011 the most amazing year it can be!

The Goals and Priorities Diary – Free!

Butterfly 70x70

A Facebook friend of mine, Michele Connolly, has created the Goals and Priorities Diary to help you get organised in 2011 and she’s offering it for free (Normally around $24.95 from her website) if you like her Get Organised Wizard page on Facebook (found here: )

The diary includes a section to write down your yearly and monthly and daily goals, and even a section to write down the goals you have achieved.

What a great way to start moving forward in 2011!

Just “Like” her Facebook page as noted above, then follow the instructions to get your free copy.


Dealing with abuse

I know I’ve been kind of slack lately and I’ve not posted much, but after what I saw today, I knew I had to do something that would possibly help just one more person in this world…
I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Los Angeles (more on that in a later post), and decided to take a day off to recoup and finish some Christmas shopping.
As I walked through the shopping centre, I overheard a man yelling at his wife.  I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, although the regular “F” words were strong and clear.
His poor wife looked miserable and like she wanted to sink into the floor.  My heart went out to her.
This was an older couple and I guessed that they had been together for many years.  So this poor woman had probably put up with her husband’s verbal abuse all of this time.
I received an email from a woman in a similar situation last week and I told her this:
You have three choices about what to do here:
1.  If you want to stay with your husband, then get help.  Go to marriage counseling (you can go alone if he won’t go with you) to help you to cope with and deal with the way in which he treats you.
You’ve probably done nothing about it for years, so have actually given him the message that his treatment of you is ok.
A counselor will hopefully help you to realise that you do NOT deserve to be treated like this, and what you should do if he does it again.  You will also be given tools to help you to help your partner to treat you better.
2.  Another option is to leave him.  If you’re thinking of doing this, you must make sure it is safe to do so.  If he has the tendency to become violent then you need to be extra careful and may need to get the police involved.
If violence isn’t an issue, start preparations beforehand.  Where will you stay?  What will you do for money?  Call on friends and family to support you – chances are, many of them don’t have a clue about the living hell you’re in right now and they’ll be more than willing to lend a hand.
3.  Finally, you have the option to do nothing.
I want you to imagine yourself 20 years from now, and living in exactly the same situation you’re in now.
How does that feel?
If you do nothing, then nothing will change.  He will continue to treat you badly, and by doing nothing, you are telling him it’s ok to keep doing what he’s doing.
Do you really want that for yourself??  Do you really want to spend the next 20, 30 or even 40 years like this??
I know I’d rather be dead than have to live like that…
The first thing you need to do right now is learn to love yourself.  You are a beautiful, desirable person, regardless of what anybody says.  You do not deserve to be yelled and screamed at, you don’t deserve to have somebody swear at you and in fact, nobody deserves that.   Especially not you.
Once you learn to love yourself, you will fully understand the value in doing so.  A person with high self esteem will not allow somebody to treat them badly and get away with it.  They will stand up for themselves, they will get themselves out of a situation where they feel they’re not being treated right, and they will do what’s best for them.
The first step towards loving yourself is seeing all of the good qualities you have and appreciating them.  Write them down so you have a written reminder about how wonderful you really are….