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Is everything going wrong for you?

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"You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome".

This is the same for every situation.

If things aren’t going right for you, then change what you are doing.  Try things another way.  Do something different!

Rather than being the victim, wondering why life is so terrible or why your partner treats you so badly, look at this as an opportunity and sit down and work out what you can try next.  If that doesn’t work, try something else!

Continuing to make the same mistake over and over again will give you the same results every time.

Consider how a person will get out of a bad relationship, only to find themselves in another relationship with someone who treats them just as badly as their former partner. 

Brush yourself off, learn from your mistakes (or as I like to call them, "learning opportunities"!) and take a different action next time and you will begin to see a massive change in your life.



Be likable to those who inspire you

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I’ve talked in the past about the importance of having a mentor – someone who inspires you and who you can learn from, and also mixing with like-minded people who are for your greater good.  I remember repeating the phrase, "You are whom you associate with".

One thing I maybe should have mentioned was that to hang out with these wonderful, inspirational people, you must be worth their time!

If you are of a negative mindset, constantly complaining about how the world has done you wrong, you will realise that these people will distance themselves from you very quickly.  Negative people bring them down, and most successful people don’t want to be exposed to such negativity.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to go and get a personality transplant if you’re like this, but I will say that from now on, be aware of what you are saying and how you are acting – especially when you’re hanging out with those you want to learn from!  If you notice that you’re about to say something negative, stop and think about how your comment will be perceived, and maybe rephrase it – or not say it at all!

Show your interest in what they have to say, take on board their suggestions and ask well thought out questions.

They will not appreciate "excusitis" (a term used by a friend of mine, meaning that you’re making every excuse under the sun as to why you cannot do what they suggest!), nor will they appreciate negative comments, cynicism or negative actions.

Consider how much fun you are to hang out with and enjoy life as you deserve to!

How two species have come together

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My husband was lucky enough to see a koala in our front yard last year (it’s not common in suburbia to see them) and they are such a gorgeous, cuddly-looking animal, although the wild ones can be quite vicious!  This particular koala hadn’t had it’s habitat destroyed by fire, however – it was just exploring, but there was no way my husband was going to get too close!

I am talking again today about what has come about due to the tragic fires in Victoria, Australia.

The photos below just show how a situation so tragic can result in trust and kindness between two species…

A thirsty wild koala seeks the help of a firefighter. 





This little fella is also feeling so parched that he seeks some water from passing cyclists.


Their habitat has been all but destroyed, and I take my hat off to the men who were so kind as to come to the rescue with their water bottles, regardless of the risk they could be attacked by these precious creatures.

Remember, donations to the bushfire appeal can be made through

A time for heroism and giving

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At the moment the death toll for the Victorian bushfires has risen to 173 with numbers exceeding 200 expected. Many more have lost their homes and all of their belongings.

While there may be sentimental attachment to our homes and belongings, my heart really goes out to the loved ones of the 173 confirmed dead.  Stuff can be replaced, but our loved ones can’t.  They must feel as though they are in a living hell right now.

As the tragedy unfolds however, stories are coming out about people opening both their wallets (millions of dollars has been raised through the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal) and even their homes, offering spare beds for those who are left homeless. 

I also saw a story on TV last night as a young man, after sending his partner and their children away to safety, and then realising he had lost his home, spent six long hours searching his neighbourhood for survivors.  After finding an abandoned car he drove them all to safety.  This man had also been injured due to the fires.  Wow!  I know the families of those he rescued will be eternally grateful for his bravery and I really hope he receives an award for doing what he did so seemingly without a second thought. 

In light of the terrible things happening in Victoria right now, it is comforting to know there are so many people out there who care.

This post probably has little to do with Self Confidence, although the bravery displayed by this man (and probably many others I’ve not heard about) serves to remind us of the good people we have in our community.