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I am thrilled! It’s funny because before I actually applied for the job I kind of had a “feeling” about it. I can’t quite describe it. On the other hand, the thought that this department would want someone who has never worked in that industry before, was not worrying me as such, but I wondered if I’d even get an interview.

Either way I remained positive, wrote my goal down and visualised myself working in the job regularly. It obviously paid off.

I start a week from Monday and I am very excited!

The Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Transformation Challenge

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Registrations are soon to start for the Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Transformation Challenge!

What is this challenge all about? Well, it’s all about becoming the best person you can be on the inside, so you look great on the outside.

If you want to lose weight but you’re lacking motivation to stick to any program you’ve followed in the past, then the Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Transformation Challenge is exactly what you need.

To be eligible to register for the challenge you must have purchased the Fit Yummy Mummy program (only $39.95!).

Registrations start in July, so make sure you get your copy of the Fit Yummy Mummy program so you can get started! I’ll be there!

Did I get the job?

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Yes, I had the interview and as usual I walked out thinking of all of the things I should have said but didn’t! Don’t you hate that?

Another thing I did is write (in code) that I had the job already, and stuck it to my computer monitor, so I could see it every day. I did this as a way to convince myself I had the job.

I had to wait almost two weeks before I received a call about the job and the call was to ask me to attend a second interview. I have NEVER had a second interview at this workplace (I started there 6 years ago but resigned last August before returning as a temp in February), so I thought this was a bit strange.

I later found out that they only normally did second interviews with the preferred candidate, to make sure they were a good fit for the area, so this helped to improve my confidence a LOT!

So yesterday was the second interview and I must say, I think it went extremely well! The interview was with the general manager of the department and he kind of told me that I had the job, but he had to run it by the manager I would be reporting to first and there were negotiations to make regarding my move to the new area etc.

So there you go! I should know “officially” by Wednesday I think! Woo hoo!

ARGH! I have a job interview again!

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It’s been a while since I posted here. Life’s pretty busy and now I have another job interview to deal with!

I’m not sure if I talked about this a while back but the job I have right now is temporary to the end of July. After that, they can either extend my contract (which I believe they will) or they can let me go.

I prefer to have stability in my life, so I applied for a couple of permanent positions at the place I currently work.

The first position is at the same level I am currently on, and the other will mean a little promotion. I really don’t mind which one I get – as long as I get one of them!!

So to prepare, I have today written down the parts of the job description which talk about the attributes I should have to be ideal for the position. I have then written examples of where I have used or demonstrated my abilities relating to each attribute.

I will smile a lot, maintain regular eye contact with each of the interviewers and will try to be myself.

I know one of the people interviewing me (there will be 3) and she is really lovely, so I’m happy about that!

Am I nervous? Kind of! I will probably be worse on Wednesday at 3pm which is the day of my interview! ARGH!!! I will post how I go!