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My weight loss challenge

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I’ve had this stubborn roll of baby fat around my middle since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl last year, and even though I’m not overweight as such, it’s been driving me crazy!

So rather than be frustrated about it, I’ve decided to finally take action! That is the very first step anyone who wants to change something in their lives should take, by the way…!

Check out to see how I’m going!

Job interviews again

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My “real” job is a temporary job at the moment. I used to work for a company and resigned due to various reasons last year and in February they offered me a temporary position (more money than my previous position!) so of course I accepted!

My contract expires in July, so I am always keeping an eye out for a permanent position – more for the security of having regular income than anything else. I hope to eventually give up working for someone else so I can continue working on my own business.

Anyway, today some positions were advertised where I work, one at the same level I am at now, and another is one level senior to what I am doing now, so I have decided to apply for both.

My thinking is this – what’s the worst thing that can happen if I apply for these positions?

They could laugh at me and tell me I am dreaming, I could totally stuff up the interview, or not even get to the interview stage at all! There are probably plenty more horrible things that might happen, but these examples will do for now.

It’s on that basis that I’ve decided that I have absolutely nothing to lose (except my dignity, which I actually gave up when I gave birth to my first child), so I’m going for it! I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Domestic Violence – Horrible Stuff

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I have a friend who contributes regularly to a website for women in business and that is how I came across the story I am going to talk about today.

Other contributors to this site talk about anything from fashion, to weight loss, to business (amongst many other things), and today I came across a story about domestic violence where the author (Rachel Kayrooz) talked about how she finally escaped her domestic violence situation.

What is unfortunate for Rachel, is that she had to almost lose her unborn child first.   This story brought tears to my eyes.  I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, and can’t imagine what it would have been like to wonder if my child was going to live or die – before they were even born!   If you’re living in a domestic violence situation, then you need to read her story NOW.

If you’re in a similar situation and can’t do something about it for yourself, then you MUST protect your children and do something for them!!  You might save their life in the process…

Check out her story at

Lose Weight and Improve Your Self Esteem

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As I’ve posted on here before, it’s hard to know what happened first – you’re overweight and therefore you have low self esteem, or you have low self esteem and therefore you’re overweight.

If you do suffer from low self esteem and you’re overweight, then you can quite easily fix one part of your problem – your weight. Yes, it takes a firm commitment to yourself, but if you really really want to do it, then you will.

Many overweight people avoid gyms because they’re too embarrassed, and others just don’t like exercising.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a weight loss website set up and during my research I came across a really fun exercise game.

Yep, fun and exercise really CAN go together! The game is a card game where each player (you can even play this by yourself if you want to) draws a card and performs an exercise based on the card they drew. The instructions, which can be downloaded free, tell you what exercise each card signifies.

So get your friends or family together and make a commitment to play this game at least once a week together! Try for three times if you’re really keen to lose weight!

Visit to find out more.

Is Your Weight One of Your Problems?

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Many of my clients have suffered with their weight as well as their self confidence, so I figured it was time to finally make use of my knowledge and I embarked on a fact finding mission!

I want to help people lose weight, but of course I’m no fitness trainer or dietician, so it was time for me to find someone who did!

I found a great product that offered freebies as well as a reasonably priced program which gives both nutritional as well as exercise advice to anyone wanting to finally lose weight.

So if you really want to lose weight and need to know how to go about it, visit right now!