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Positive attitude

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“A positive attitude is perhaps more important at home than anywhere else. As spouses and parents, one of our most vital roles is to help those we love feel good about themselves.”
Keith Harrell
Speaker and Author

I love this quote because helping those that you love to feel good about themselves is the greatest gift we could ever give them…

The Law of Attraction and your Health

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I read an amazing story today about a young woman who was suffering from an incurable, potentially fatal heart condition.

She was devastated when she found out her heart was a ticking time bomb, and was terrified she would die young.

That was until she decided to apply the Law of Attraction. She made a conscious effort to ban any negative thoughts about her condition, and refused to let them enter her mind any more. Every night as she lie in bed, she would visualise her heart being strong and and rehearsed in her mind, her heart beating like it was supposed to. Then every morning she would say “Thank you for my strong, healthy heart” and would visualise the cardiologist telling her she was cured.

Another important thing she did was keep her affirmations and visualisations to herself for fear of disbelief or judgement.

When she went to her cardiologist for her usual checkup (4 months late because she wanted to make sure she gave her visualisations a fair shot first, to see if they would work), he was dumbfounded because he found no sign of her “incurable” condition.

AMAZING stuff!!

Stay focused on the end result

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Today being Monday, I really struggled to get out of bed this morning.

After a year of getting up whenever I pleased (more like when my daughter woke up!), I have found it really difficult to wake to an alarm clock when it is still dark outside over the last two and a bit weeks. YUK!

I dislike working for someone else, working hours dictated by the “powers that be”, however I am not spending a lot of time thinking about that.

Instead I am focusing on what I do want, which is to turn my web development and coaching business into a success. Success to me will be when my business is generating a stable, sustainable income for the long term so I can go back to working from home.

Spending energy on what I don’t want will only attract more of what I don’t want. One part of my coaching training course material said something really profound in relation to this: It said “If you focus on the problem, the problem seems bigger, but if you focus on the solution, the solution seems bigger…”. I suppose it’s all to do with what your perception is!

Self esteem and life choices

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With my eldest daughter growing up, I have been thinking more about how your self esteem can affect the choices you make in life and the standards you set for yourself.

My daughter has a while to go before she starts dating, but I am working on her now to ensure she sets high standards for herself and others now. I don’t want to wait until it’s too late!

If you have high standards and expect that from others, then there’s little chance you will get any less in return.

That is definitely worth thinking about if you want the best out of life…

Dream it

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“You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end.”

Sidney A. Friedman
Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author

What more can I say except that no matter what, you must never give up on your dream. Having a dream gives you something to strive for, allowing you to grow in so many ways…

The quote for the day

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I received my usual quote of the day today and I just had to share it!

“It is a very funny thing about life – if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.”

W. Somerset Maugham
1874-1965, Novelist and Playwright

That is soooo true and has a lot to do with what you feel you deserve. If you feel you deserve the best, then it’s likely that’s what you will get. If you don’t, then you know what will happen….!

You attract like-minded people

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My husband and I attended a friend’s 40th birthday party last night and we had the pleasure of meeting (for the second time – we met at another event over a year ago) award winning photographer, Tracy Woolley (visit to see her beautiful work).  

Tracy is involved in getting The Secret out to the people of Australia and is currently promoting Mike Dooley who appears in The Secret, (I suggest you watch The Secret if you haven’t already).  Tracy is obviously into the Law of Attraction (and has contacts in high places!) and she commented on how we had come together again through a mutual friend and how we attract people who are like-minded.  How right she was! 

That brings me back to what I said I think in my last post, about how if you suffer from low self esteem, you attract people who are in tune with that.  In my case, when I was suffering with low self esteem, I attracted a man who also had low self esteem and who verbally and emotionally abused me – probably to make sure my self esteem stayed low enough (below his!) so that I wouldn’t leave him.  I eventually (it took 9 years!) realised what was going on and did something about it!   Many, many people out there live their entire lives like the life I led.  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So when you’re out there living your life, think about the type of person or people you want to attract into your life and then think about whether you would be attracted to you if you were that ideal person.

Hmmm!  Something to think about!

Working is hard work!

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Phew! What a week! I have made it through my first week back at work and I must say, I MUCH prefer working from home and that’s what I am going to focus on – doing what I can to allow me to work from home.

Feeling mad or frustrated about having to work will only put more emphasis on those negative feelings, and will only attract more of what I don’t want. So I will continue to focus on my main goal right now, and that’s to be generating enough of a steady income to allow me to work from home. I love daydreaming, so will continue to do so, imagining how wonderful life will be when I am doing exactly what I want to do!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! 

Many couples will be heading out tonight for a romantic meal or whatever, although there are those who don’t have that special someone in their life.

Based on statistics I’ve taken on the subject, there are a large number of people out there who are looking for someone to love, but many are afraid to ask someone out.

I have talked before about how your self confidence and self esteem can really affect the type of person you attract.  Also, it can determine whether you have the courage to even get out there and look!

If you are single and lacking in courage or self esteem, think about the message you are putting across.  The "old" me would have settled for someone who lacked confidence or self esteem, however the "new" me definitely would not.  That’s not because I feel I am "better" or "superior" to them, but because they would not be in tune with me or my personality. 

A few years ago when I became single after 9 years, my attitude had changed significantly from 9 years before, so the type of person I was looking for was very different.  I ended up marrying a person who was the complete opposite to my former husband!

I promise you that if you improve your self esteem, you will change the type of people you attract.  If you don’t like what you’re attracting, have a good look at yourself and work to change it.



Back to work and dealing with child care

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I am still trying to remember what the third "C" was in my last post.  I WILL work out what it is and post the details!

Today was my baby’s 1st birthday and I couldn’t be with her for the day thanks to the fact that I am working for someone else again, but I don’t feel all that bad because my wonderful husband took a day off to spend with her instead. 

Tomorrow is her first day of child care.  ARGH!!!  I know for a fact that while she dislikes being away from me, it is a case of "out of sight, out of mind", so I think she will have a fantastic day!

I am lucky in that my hours are flexible, so I will be finishing work early tomorrow, so her first day isn’t a full one.  Ok, that’s more for me than for her because I know she will be perfectly fine!

I suppose the hardest thing I find after spending the last year almost joined at the hip to my baby, is not having her under my feet, or having to listen out for her in case she wakes up.  It is really a strange feeling to be able to go somewhere and not have to worry if I have packed the baby wipes or enough bottles or food.

This post is really just a ramble because I am really tired after my first three days of work and I can’t think of anything intelligent to say!  Hopefully things will get better as I get used to 5am wakeups!